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Best Practices in English Language Learning Instruction

  In 1.5, 3.0 or 4.5 continuing education units


Course Description:

This course will provide teachers with the most recent best practice guidelines in all aspects of English Language Learning instruction. Teachers will learn how to create effective lessons for reading, writing, oral language, vocabulary and content-domain literature. Best practices in assessing linguistically and culturally diverse students, as well as how to promote positive school, home and community partnerships will be provided. Recommendations for teaching adolescent ELL learners, as well as those with learning disabilities will be discussed. This course is appropriate for elementary through high-school ELL and general education classroom instructors.


Goals and Objectives

As a result of participation in this course, students should:

1. Learn the history of teaching ELL learners in the United States and discern appropriate teaching1 methods.

2. Create lesson plans following the best practices for teaching reading and   writing to young ELL learners.

3. Know how to teach middle school ELL learners in the mainstream classroom.

4. Adapt current lesson plans and teaching strategies for ELL students with learning disabilities.

5. Incorporate research based best practices to support literacy and writing assessment



The required text is:

Li, G. & Edwards, P. (Eds.). (2010). Best Practices in ELL Instruction. New York: Guilford Pre