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Different Speeds and Different Needs: How to Teach Sports to Every Kid.

In 1.5, 3.0 or 4.5 continuing education units


Course Description:

Physical education class and team sports can be an enjoyable part of the school curriculum for most students. However, for students with disabilities or those who lack coordination and socialization skills, physical education classes can be a source of fear and dread. This class will teach educators how to create inclusive sports programs that will bring out the best skills in all of their students. Students with autism, Tourette syndrome, ADHD, learning and intellectual disabilities, height and weight differences, physical challenges and sensory impairments will benefit from the interventions and program modifications taught in this class. Using the latest research and design principles, general and special educators will learn how to include all students in sports programs and will analyze their current programs for barriers that prevent full student participation. Students of all ages and skill levels will learn how to improve their sportsmanship, socialization and friendship skills, character development and social confidence, giving them the ability to succeed far beyond the gym or sports field.


Goals and Objectives:

As a result of participation in this course, students should:

1.Thrive in sports environments that are adapted to their needs.

2. Acquire the emotional and social competence needed to succeed in sports with their peers.

3. Participate in physical education classes that encourage participation of students at all skills levels and abilities.

4. Learn good sportsmanship to enhance character development of children with and without disabilities.

5. Benefit from physical education classes based on the latest research and universal design principles designed to teach children with special needs.



The required texts are:

Barber, G. (2010). Different Speeds and Different Needs. How to Teach Sports to Every Kid. Paul H. Brookes: Baltimore, MD.